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Nature en Blanca

Located in the Segura valley, the town of Blanca is located in a privileged natural environment, surrounded by mountains and sheltered by the river Segura.


Being part of the Vega Alta del Segura, approximately in the center of this region, so named because it is the traditional name given to the group of municipalities through which the Segura river runs, we find the municipality of Blanca, with 87’7 km2 of municipal term, a height of 233 meters on the level of the sea and a population of about 6090 inhabitants approximately. In its landscape the contrast of the orchard consists of abundant semidesert drylands due to the climate and the mountains that surround it and that form the Ricote Valley.


The municipality of Blanca has a triangular shape in a southwest-northwest direction, and its relief offers characteristics of great tectonic complexity, fruits of the changes experienced from the Cretaceous to the Miocene period. In its analysis we can appreciate a tectonic valley that crosses the Segura River, which has been forming a series of terraces, fluvial deposits where growers generated for centuries the beautiful and fertile traditional vegetable garden.


Behind the town, the Sierra del Solán (556 meters) offers ravines and gullies formed by water courses of torrential and cyclical origin (rainy season) with detrital accumulations at the foot of the slopes, as dejection cones and small glacis that descend to the riverbed


To the south and east of Blanca lie the Ricote and La Oro mountain ranges, which enclose and lend their peculiar landscape to the Moorish valley, achieved with determination and effort among the bare, desert and cliff walls of the gorge.


Rising about 300 meters above the valley, a wide predominantly loamy depression opens, covered by materials from the degradation of the nearby reliefs, with diapiric outcrops being frequent. In this area is the Rambla del Salar, whose waters during the rainy season discharge into the Segura River. To the east is the Sierra de la Pila, which Blanca shares territorially with the municipalities of Abarán, Jumilla, Fortuna and Molina de Segura.

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