Flora and Fauna

Abundant vegetation in the margin of the river. Rich in fruit, citrus and pine. Birds of prey, wild boars, mute ducks or squirrels, among their fauna

Flora in Blanca

In Blanca, the vegetation is generally represented by rainfed and irrigated areas, shrubs, pine forests and vegetation of ravines and river banks:


    • Crops: The dominant crop is arboreal irrigation. Most citrus fruits are cultivated (orange and lemon), as well as apricot and peach trees. The dry land crops are mainly almond and olive trees.


    • Ramblas (creeks) and river banks: On the banks of the Segura River and the Ramblas of the municipality of Blanca, species such as oleanders, canes (arundodonax), eucalyptus (eucalyptus camaldulensis) and elms abound.


    • Scrub: Located in the surroundings of the Sierra de Solán and on both sides of the Ramblas de la Tejera. In the isolated sunny areas, there is mainly the esparto (stipatenacissima), while in the shade the rosemary appears accompanying the esparto grass.


    • Spartales: The species that accompany esparto are rosemary, male thyme, lavender and albaida.


    • Pinetree forest: The main pine patch is located northeast of the municipality occupying areas of the Sierra de la Navela and the Sierra de La Pila. It is also found in the surroundings of the Sierra del Solán, in both cases the presence of Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis).

Fauna in Blanca

Among the species of fauna that populate the area, we can find raptors or wild boars.


Among the raptors present in the area are the golden eagle, peregrine falcon, eagle owl, Bonelli’s eagle, booted eagle or short-toed eagle, all of them under various protective figures. Our municipality is watered by the Segura river and in whose shore, they splash mute ducks (CairinaMoschata) to the delight of the smallest ones who enjoy throwing bread.


We can also highlight squirrels (Sciurus Vulgaris), sparrows (Passer Domesticus), blackbirds (TurdusMerula), herons (Ardeidae), carps (Cyprinus Carpio)

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