Village of the Book

Located in the Segura valley, the white town is located in a privileged natural environment, surrounded by mountains and sheltered by the river Segura.


Since April 2009 the municipality of Blanca is part of the International Network with the name “Villa del Libro”. The objective of the project Blanca, Villa del Libro (BvL) is none other than to “take” the books from their historically natural spaces, to make them reach the population. In this way, various libraries have been created in cafeterias, religious centers and public buildings. As well as various literary activities programmed month by month, such as book presentations, writing workshops, storytelling, talks, etc. In addition, an annual appointment with international literature has been created. River of Letters gathers every year to great signatures of the National and International Literature.


Under the initials BvL, the cultural project “Blanca, Villa del Libro” was launched in April 2009, and the municipality was joined by 15 other European countries, including France, England, Switzerland, Russia, Germany, Norway, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Scotland, Finland and Wales. In Spain, only the Valladolid locality of Urueña, belongs to this network that gives right to the denomination of ‘Villa del Libro’.


Blanca is now a space open to reading, the book is present in any corner of the town. BvL intends to break with the tradition of the classic library concept linked to closed spaces and offer a reinterpretation of the architectural space of the local layout. At the same time, BvL is an opportunity to offer an alternative leisure and free time and to propose new tools for integration and improvement of the quality of life of people with disabilities. In addition, it has a strong training component and is also a firm commitment to the development of a new line of tourism of a cultural nature.


BvL is, finally, a continuous opportunity to enjoy reading, any type of reading, in all its manifestations. BvL is the opportunity to make reading a habit and the book an instrument of leisure and knowledge.

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