Festivities in Blanca

Live your Patron Saint Festivities in honor of San Roque, in spring and in August

Patronal Celebrations

April Festivities

Blanca takes advantage of any reason and occasion to honor San Roque. And it does so with explosive joy, as gunpowder saturates with the state of the rockets and its penetrating smell, along with that of rosemary, mastic and rockrose, intermingles with the sunset of spring days, when our parties.


The dawn of Friday, eight days after the Resurrection, is enlivened by the turning of all the bells of the parish tower, and a multitude of firecrackers and rockets break the morning tranquility, as background measures to an incessant and growing activity, at times , in which people of all ages and conditions, dressed in country attire, gather in the Plaza de la Iglesia waiting to see the venerated image of San Roque appear.


After its appearance in the door of the Parochial Church the procession begins until the limit of the town and there begins then the pilgrimage. On the shoulders of the so called “sanroqueros” and accompanied on his way by many pilgrims, he arrives at his hermitage in the countryside.

August Festivities

In August, Blanca celebrates its summer festivities and again in honor of our patron San Roque. Here the decoration changes, the “mona” for the bulls, our Encierro (running the bulls) declared of Regional Tourist Interest and without a doubt the most important day for all the whites.


Our confinement is a tradition that has been celebrated for more than three hundred years and is a unique event in the Murcia Region.


During the morning, the atmosphere that is lived throughout running the bulls, whichis of an excessive joy, in which the dances and parades of the brass bands, encourage all those who join the party, where everyone It is well received.


It is always celebrated before the fifteenth of August.

Virgen del Pilar

The neighborhood of the Estación de Blanca celebrates the festivities in honor of its patron saint Virgen del Pilar the second week of October.



As in the rest of the localities of the region, when the time of Lent arrives, all the confraternities and Passion Brotherhoods finalize the preparations for the acts and parades full of fervor and feeling.


In Blanca there are currently eight fraternities, of which the oldest are the Royal and Most Illustrious Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus Nazareno, the Brotherhood of St. John the Evangelist, the Royal Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary and the Brotherhood of Servites of Our Lady of the Virgen de los Dolores.


And others of later foundation like the Brotherhood of La Verónica, the Brotherhood of San Pedro, the Brotherhood of Santa María Magdalena and the youngest Brotherhood, the Brotherhood of the Prayer in the Orchard, that for the first time they take the image of the Virgin of the Angustias to the procession of Good Friday of the year 1986, and it was three years later when the brotherhood was founded.


We must mention without a doubt the traditional “Puja de Imágenes” in which the feeling of the whites is demonstrated by paying to carry on their shoulders the weight of the chosen image.

Fair for the Bull

Fair dedicated to the world of bullfighting with various activities: exhibitions, encierro (running the bulls), concerts and a bullfight. This fair takes place in the month of March.

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