Cultural Routes

Dare to discover an art route that is carved by the mastery of Antonio Campillo. To delight before the pictorial murals of Borondo. To hold the look of Balkenhol’s work. To watch the water run along with the creation of Bernardí Roig. Or to move in time through historical monuments and old town

A walk through the history of Blanca through its monuments and streets that make up the old town

Culture and nature come together in this route. Discover the natural environment that leaves the Segura River and fill your senses with its variety culture

A route through the urban area that will guide you through the town among a variety of artistic expressions such as sculpture, photography, visual arts, painting and everything that defines the cultural identity of the town

Put on comfortable shoes, a cap and a camera and go through the winding streets of the old town towards the Castle or the Virgen Blanca

Cultural events

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