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Route Blanca-Navela-Chinte-Martillo

It is one of the most beautiful routes that can be done in the area, they are about 16 kms during which you can enjoy a fabulous environment, as well as great views, winding paths and populated by lots of vegetation.


We will start the route from the Cave Park (Parque de las Cuevas), leaving it by a detour between trees, which will take us to the Alto de Bayna, where we can enjoy the viewpoint that exists at its highest point, which will give us views of Blanca and its closest environment, as well as the river.


We will continue our route heading towards the beaches of Azyud de Ojós where, if we go early we can get a very nice snapshot where the mountains are reflected in the water and mirror effect, it is a spectacular photograph.


We will end up connecting with the road of the neighborhood of the cot, which will make us pass in front of the historic house of La Favorita, a manor house, we will continue towards La Navela until we start the ascent to this recreational area, here we will connect with the PR-MU24 track , about 200 meters on the right side we can divert a moment to the low viewpoint of La Navela from where we can observe the Azud de Ojós, from this point there is a beautiful sunset, as it makes reflections on the surface of the water.


We will return to the track and continue with the climb until we reach the repeater’s junction, although it is not indicated as a route we will turn right to start the ascent to the repeater, it is a climb that must be taken calmly as it has a steep inclination and is continuous, with patience we will arrive at a small landing where, on the left, we can continue the climb a few meters more to the same repeater, and on the right we will have a group of stones, from where we will be able to observe a higher detained view of the Azud de Ojós and the mountains that they surround it.


Continue straight, following the path on the top of this mountain that gives us a break, before reaching a house in ruins that we will see in the background, we will come across a small cross which we must take to the right to continue along the path of the chinte which will take us to border what they call the Solvent, the path continues near the edge, by which we can see fabulous views of the entire Ricote valley, leaving Ojós at our feet.


Once we reach the highest point, El Chinte, we will start the descent, which will take us to a point where there is a light pole, well, we will take the right and if we notice, we will follow the line of the poles of light, the same that will take us to a point where we are diverted to the left, in that same point, we must follow it, and be cautious, since our detour is a little high on the left, leaving the path that we continue that it is the one that would take us to Ojós along the path of the pine fountain.


If we have connected well, we will go by a small path that will take us to the hammer’s viewpoint, but not before going through a small corner where you undoubtedly have one of the best views in Blanca. Once up the viewpoint of the hammer you will have a wide view of Blanca and its surroundings.


We will begin the descent by the Path of the hammer, initially a track, that after taking us to a crossroads, we will take the left to continue with the path and start the way back, during the descent that we will find later on we must be cautious, that there is a lot of loose stone and it is a bit technical, it is one of those descents that we enjoy the mountains, the path has no loss and it will take us back to the track of the PR-MU24 that we will take to the left returning after passing some 1km to the point where we deviate in the direction of the first repeater, and we will walk back through the same route we have traveled at the beginning.


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Route owned by Guillermo Molina Fernández

Thank you for your collaboration.

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